15 Uniquely Riverland Activities

All the great destinations in the world have a ‘Top 10’ or so list of things you absolutely must do when you visit. A bucket list, if you like, to help you nut out the best from the boring. Well I have 15 Uniquely Riverland Activities that everyone who visits the Riverland must do!

Today I am dedicating just 15 dot points to the experiences I believe you absolutely must do while in the Riverland. Even if you are a local, this list applies to you too.

The things I have chosen are those that I believe are – So Riverland – and give you excellent insight into what it’s like to live along Australia’s greatest River. I feel that they also give you a taste of unique Riverland produce, lifestyle and rich Murray River history. All of which makes the Riverland what it is today.

So get your travel planner ready and book that annual leave, anytime of the year is perfect for rivertime and we are ready for you!

1. Learn local secrets on a river cruise or canoe paddle

15 Uniquely Riverland Activities

2. Discover the untamed environment (and maybe even yourself) on a multi-day walking journey

3. Learn about the Riverland’s first microbrewery from the brewer themselves

15 Uniquely Riverland Activities

Image credit: Murray River Walk

4. Play mini golf at a lavender farm enjoy the Riverland’s best pizza

5. Wander through a Village where it seems that time has stopped

6. Enjoy the festive nature of the region with one of our many festivals celebrating food & wine, roses and music!

15 Uniquely Riverland Activities

7. Listen to the rhytmic sounds as paddle steamer wheels churn through the water

8. Relax lazily on the grass, looking out over our grand river and sip a sangria

15 Uniquely Riverland Activities

9. Buy the freshest fruit from a roadside stall

10. See what’s under the boardwalk at the Riverland’s most iconic wine & wetland centre

11. Get an adrenaline rush by driving a supercharged off road racing buggy!

15 Uniquely Riverland Activities

12. Wet a line and hopefully catch some dinner, or maybe just take in the serenity of the river environment

13. Use a water elevator to go up or downstream

14. Camp under the Milky Way on the banks of the Murray

15. Get the crew together for a trip of a lifetime on a houseboat!

15 Uniquely Riverland Activities

How many of these 15 15 Uniquely Riverland Activities have you experienced? Let me know below!



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