Where Lauren Is, OK?

When I was a little girl I used to play this game with my Nanny & my Dad. I’d hide somewhere they would never find me again (like behind the chair they were sitting in) and say “Where Lauren is, OK?” I’d expect them to respond back with “Where Lauren Is?” and I would think I was the grand master of hide & seek.

However, they would always copy me like a parrot and say “Where Lauren is, OK?” and I would get terribly annoyed and repeat the sentence again and again, hoping they would get it right.

They never did.

So “Where Lauren Is, OK?” and yes, she is ok. I’ve just been very busy with new Riverland adventures, so busy that I haven’t found the time, energy or creative will to put fingers to keyboard. A lot of my current work involves doing just that, so the Riverland Unearthed blog has been somewhat neglected.

It’s not that I don’t want to share my opinions recommendations and adventures with you, it’s just that I mentally can’t. There is only so much creativity one has and it is currently being used in other areas, for other causes.

So what is Lauren doing?

Have you heard of the great benefits of walking….in nature? Well I’m a part of a team that help people get out walking along our amazing natural environment that is the Murray River.

Can I say, seeing a Queenslander’s reaction to the absolute beauty and tranquility of our river is so rewarding. People from all over Australia travel to the Riverland to discover the magic of the Murray River with Murray River Walk. They are all leaving with a greater appreciation of our great river and the Riverland.

The other project keeping me occupied is sharing with the world of social media, the beauty that is The Frames Luxury Villas in Paringa. Using my super amateur powers in Facebook, Instagram and blogging I’m now constantly looking at dreamy photos of these award winning villas.

And then there is of course the fact that I love to take my dogs for a walk/run before the sun goes down and squeeze in some burpees because lets face it, they are the bomb. I also like make dinner and get my daily dose of Brooklyn 99. Oh and hop into bed at 9:30pm each night for my 8 hours of sleep….ok some nights it’s 10 hours! You see, that doesn’t leave much time for writing after I finish work.

where lauren is ok

Brooklyn 99’s Best

I have many things that I want to be doing that I’m not currently like becoming a mega folk star (my guitar is severely neglected). If I tried to squeeze in blogging for Riverland Unearthed on top of my paid work, I’d never leave the computer. Which is a very unhealthy way of living in my opinion.

So, where Riverland Unearthed is, OK?

Riverland Unearthed is living on in the webisphere of Facebook and Instagram. Not Twitter because we all know Twitter is crap. It’s far more time efficient for me to share a snap of what I eat, see and do rather than writing about each of those things. I also like sharing other people’s pics of what they eat, see and do because let’s face it, I can’t be everywhere and there are some amazing super heroes out there promoting our great region.

I could just let Riverland Unearthed go to rest, but I enjoy sharing our region and keeping an eye on whats going on here and there. There are some pretty wicked things going on (cue Arrosto’s Coffee Shop) and I wouldn’t want to miss hearing about them because I hardly ever leave my house.

So raise a Woolshed Brewery’s Rude Ruby to the sky, Where Lauren is, OK? She’s still here and still Unearthing the Riverland!

Stay cool, Be Slinky….L


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