And now for something completely different 

In my last post I mentioned how I got really weirdly sunburnt in Granada and that the story was to come….

Well I think a picture says 1000 words, so let me start with the evidence of the most bizarre sunburn I have ever fallen victim too, that is, if it really is sun burn. 

We had been out exploring Granada and ventured back to hotel to soak up some sun and have a few cheeky vodkas next to the pool on our afternoon off. I am pretty sun smart, except for maybe the start of summer where I want to get a nice glow.

I have had some horrible sun burns in my time, so don’t get me wrong, I don’t lay around and bake for as long as it would take to cook a gluten and dairy free chocolate beetroot cake in the oven. I give myself the 15-20 minutes on each side and then sunscreen up.

I started my afternoon lounge belly up on a li-lo then migrated to belly down on the pavement next to the pool.

Then it all started with a stinging sensation in my knees…..

They burned like I had done a Michael Jackson slide across 100 year old hotel foyer carpet.

Then the hot red colour came out through the skin like it was burning from the inside out.

It came to its peak that evening while wearing a maxi dress to dinner and feeling like my legs were a furnace emitting their angry red heat.

Two red hot racing stripes down the front of my thighs and knees that could represent Red Nose Day was what I was left with and conspiracy theorists were lining up to examine what and how I had come to bear these marks.

Can safely say I have learned my lesson, I won’t be laying on any hot as duck pool pavement again!

And now for a cute skater figure I spotted while walking around Granada pre flash burn.

And the Plaza de Toros in Córdoba that is definitely looking at you!

Saint Michaels cave in Gibraltar (aka the rave cave) 

Shrimp hug paella in Barcelona

Big ass sangria in Pamploma

Bike bandit Barcelona

Looking flash in Barcelona

Catching zeds on the 3 hour ferry trip back to the mainland from Ibiza


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