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oh Hey, I’m Lauren

Originally an ocean girl, I spent my youth in the coastal city of Port Lincoln and counted down the days to my great escape. After studying for what seemed a lifetime, I swapped my vast ocean and west coast beaches for the predictable calm of the Murray River.

After working in a job where I wasn’t using my abilities to their fullest, I decided to create a little side hobby to help fill the corners of my brain with creative thoughts. I have a fairly direct and firm opinion on most things, so I figured blogging suited my personality. Because, really, that’s all blogging is, someone sharing their opinions for all to read.

I made it my business to eat at as many Riverland places as possible, explore different towns and go to activities and events so I could share them with whoever would listen. The aim- well my hope was that it will inspire people to attend that event, eat at that bar or even spend a whole weekend in the Riverland.

Why do I want people to get out an unearth the Riverland more? Simple, it’s a bloody great region! Not only does 600 odd kilometers of Australia’s greatest river snake its way through the region, but there pretty much isn’t anything you can’t do on the river. Fishing, camping, canoeing, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, houseboating, skiing, jetskiing, cruising, walking, photography. You name it, it can be done on the Mighty Murray.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and if we constantly compare the Riverland to other regions of South Australia, then we will never fully appreciate the uniqueness of our food culture, our outstanding natural environments or inspire visitors to visit our beautiful region.

Through a form of ‘word of mouth’ developed from my first hand experiences and micro adventures, I share with you where to go for the best view of the River, which cellar doors or brewery’s you must visit and how to hunt down the perfect coffee!

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