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BE ACTIVE RIVERLAND! Classes are the perfect, no fuss work out solution. However, sometimes the hardest thing is finding a class that suits your tastes and preferred time at your chosen destination. Heck, I have trouble finding a class that meets my preferred time and I live in the Riverland!

Lucky for you, I care about your health and wellbeing and want to make exercise super easy for you when you are visiting the Riverland. Here are some classes that I have attended myself and some that I haven’t been able, but would like to. Unfortunately for me, the times classes are run don’t always suit my needs (it’s a big ask to get up at 5:15am to make a 6:30am class) but I hope you have the time to be active!

Live Better Physio

I have been known to discontinue attending a Pilates class because it was boring-their music was terrible, how could I stay! That is why I love the Pilates class with Live Better Physio in Barmera.

stay fit on the road
Image credit: Live Better Physio

It’s not very often that you go to a Pilates class and the background music is up beat and fun. The instructors are engaging and welcoming which is what you would expect from a country practice.

A challenging class but also great for those who have never tried Pilates before.

Where: 1 James Terrace, Barmera SA 5345

Casual visit: $15 – private health rebate available

Other notes: Classes available a few times a week and also have some at their Renmark and Waikerie clinics

Book before you go: Yes

Crossfit Riverland

Ahh Crossfit…many people might immediately ignore this one thinking that Crossfit is just for crazy people who enjoy doing 25 burpees, 15 muscle ups and 5 minutes of double unders (really painful and talented fast skipping). But you know what I learnt being apart of this box for almost 2 years? That Crossfit is for anyone! For the young, the old, the injured, the people looking for a lifestyle change, the weak, the strong, mums and sports people.

stay fit on the road
Image credit: Crossfit Riverland

Anyone really!

I loved Crossfit! It gave me a chance to test my body mentally and physically and I loved seeing my body change with the diversity of workouts. I think I stuck with Crossfit for so long because workout was not the same. There was a huge sense of achievement upon completing a seemingly impossible workout too!

I have never known a gym environment to be so inclusive and this is the most unique characteristic I found with Crossfit. The only person you are trying to beat is yourself, and everyone doing the workout beside you is super supportive. The perfect all round body conditioner, and great fun with friends. With so many classes available, it should be easy to make it along to a class!

Where: Sturt Highway, Berri SA 5343

Casual visit: $15

Other notes: Beginner to Advanced

Book before you go: Yes

Wellness Pilates

Throughout my whole life I have dipped in and out of different exercise routines. In school I was into long distance running, I tested my core with body balance and I have experienced Bikram Yoga (never again). I haven’t ever stuck to one thing and I like a change in scenery.

So naturally I was curious to try out this new style of pilates, Xtend Barre with Wellness Pilates in Renmark. A cross between dance, aerobics and pilates, the class with Georgia was really fun while also being a challenge. My body moved in a way that it hadn’t felt since I used to dance around my bedroom as a child. I felt graceful and strong, although I felt completely uncoordinated.

Wellness Pilates offers a range of pilates classes, yoga and also massage, check out the calendar for something that suits you.

Where: 53 James Avenue, Renmark SA 5341

Casual visit: $25

Other notes: Full (and quite nice) shower and locker facilities available

Book before you go: Yesstay fit on the road

Vitality Health Club

I’ve made it to one class at Vitality in Berri, but it was a gooden! A 6:30am core class one Wednesday morning had me regretting not focusing on core strength for the past two years.  I gritted my teeth and made it through the burn, knowing I would be sore for a few days. Sheesh it was good!

Vitality is a big gym so you can also head in for a casual workout, or give them a call to see what other crazy classes they have on offer. I’d like to try the boot camp one day, but I just can’t do ‘first thing in the morning’ classes…probably could if I didn’t live 30minutes away!

Where: Berri,16 Kay Ave Berri, SA

Casual visit: $15

Other notes: Full (and quite nice) shower and locker facilities available

Book before you go: Yes


For Kids- Yoga Balance

Obviously I am not a kid and haven’t been to a class here, but yoga for kids sounds awesome! Although I bet they would still be way more flexible than I am.

Image credit: Yoga Balance

I thought I’d throw this class in because it’s relatively new to the region and an activity that I would probably make take my kids to (if I had any). As an adult I envy flexibility and wish I’d started something like gymnastics, yoga or even stretching at a young age. I’m sure this class is incredibly fun to sit and watch as a parent!

Workshops July 2016: 14th & 20th

Ages: 3-10 Years old

Where: Renmark

Cost: $10

Contact: Yoga Balance on Facebook

How do you like to stay fit on the road? Comment below.


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