Better be home soon

Today we are waiting, to board our plane, waiting to get on and off two flights, waiting to get through border security and waiting to get home. Although we are both a little sad that the journey is over, we are excited to come home and see our friends, our family, our home, our dog and our country.

At the start of the trip, fuelled with the excitement of meeting our Contiki family, I didn’t feel homesick. I made new friends, new memories and all the excitement didn’t leave much space in my mind to think about home.

A few weeks into the trip, I was stung by “wishing you were here” feelings and desperately longed to share the sights and adventures with those I love, who were thousands of kms away.

It’s a funny feeling, when you are in such a magical place and all you want to do is sink into familiarity with mates. You try to live in the moment, but let yourself indulge in the feelings of “it could be better if…” and feel everything would be even more amazing with your crew were sun baking next you.

Even though I felt like this for aportion of the trip, it has been a no hesitations trip. If you like something, buy it. If you want to go to sleep, stay out and go to the amusement park. If you are full, eat some more. If you feel a killer hangover come on, get up and go on a 23km bike ride-in the rain.

When you live in the mind set that I am only in Ibiza once, or zip lining is less high and extreme compared to skydiving, or I might not be in Prague again you give everything a go, even the greaves…..

I’d love to see this mindset in myself a lot more when I get home, take the opportunities by the bulls balls and live. Even if it’s as simple as getting out of the house and into the garden.

This morning we received a snap chat from serial snapchatters some close friends and it would have brought me to tears if Michael wasn’t standing beside me! A simple song to remind me of the good times had and those to come and so much love and excitement sent with it. A good sign that I am content with heading home (that and the fact that I can’t remember what I actually do for a job!).

Memories are so precious and I have added to my collection some more. It has definitely been a SummerThing! this Europe 2.0 trip. Stay cool, be slinky Europe.


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