Half full glass of life

The glass half full perspective is one that we humans chase like the meaning of life, the holy grail or the perfect latte. In some situations it is easier to have this outlook, like when you are travelling for example or when having a tanty in the middle of the street isn’t an option.

Michael lost his wallet, in Australia, two nights before we left for Europe. Luckily he had a few spare ID and bank cards from last time he lost his shit wallet.

We ended up leaving without it and feeling happy that he had lost it in the Riverland and not in Europe.

Although a little annoyed at first, it wasn’t the end of the world.Looking on the bright side of life is easy to say, but hard to do. Thinking like this makes it easier to deal with change and things that are inconvenient like the airplane company losing your luggage.

This didn’t happen to us, but an Aussie Chika on our trip had her luggage lost on the way to Spain from America, but her positivity and ability to have a laugh about it was astounding.

No one likes to lose their things, but is it really the worst thing that can happen. No I don’t think so. Life challenges us in many ways and she has passed with flying colours.

I get overwhelmed easily when I am faced with many options, lots of people and the urgent need to find a wash closet (toilet). This is by no means as serious example as losing luggage, but it is something I face quite often while travelling. If I let it, my mood is affected which is probably one of the worst things when travelling.

For me, I need to remember to slow down, there is no rush. If you go the wrong way on the metro, it isn’t that hard to turn around, buy another ticket and get on the right train.

If we are in a market place for dinner, just chose whatever looks good and if we have to be on the bus by a certain time, make sure some idiot Michael doesn’t turn the alarm off and we sleep in. (Luckily we didn’t miss the bus, or more importantly, breakfast.

Life is much more relaxing if we can take it as it comes, (with some small planning of course) and not let ourselves react on the first emotions we feel.
And now for some visual delights of our adventure so far in Madrid and Sergovia, Spain.



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