Laughter really is the best medicine 

Alcohol. The social lubricant that can make you happy, sad, a ballerina or an opera singer all in the space of a few hours.

It helps us escape from daily life and have a few laughs with mates. It can also leave us in the dark feeling alone and tense.

But we continue to consume it, no matter how many mornings we say “I’m never drinking again!” 

So how does this post relate to being on holiday in Europe, specifically while on a Contiki tour around Spain?

On the second day of our trip we travelled from Madrid to Bilbao where upon arrival we ventured up the mountain side to the most spectacular view point of a city that I have ever seen.

The city of Bilbao is beautiful, nestled in a lush mountain range in the Baske region of Spain. From the view point we spotted a carnival. After a bit of researching on how, what, when, where and why not, after dinner (where I ate the most scrumptious slow cooked duck) we skipped down the laneways and trotted up a few stairs to where the lights of the rides illuminated the night sky and once again we were 15 years old.

We had so many laughs. Laughter erupted while watching people scream and yahoo. While screaming on a kangaroo ride jolting us up and down and round and round. Laughter came while freaking out on the Ferris wheel and on the walk home up and down flights of stairs through quiet but grand laneways.

Just before we got back to the hotel someone mentioned how much fun we had at the carnival and that we didn’t even get drunk or have a drink for that matter.

Our Aussie culture is so centred around having a few drinks to have a good time that it was refreshing to see that we could have a hilarious and memorable (for once) night without getting wasted. It really made me think about alcohol consumption and how we use it to have a good night, wind down after a stressful day or to forget how we really feel.

I’m not the most responsible of drinkers, but I am interested to see if that memory of the carnival will help me feel comfortable not being as drunk as those around me and to just get up and boogie and enjoy the time I have on Contiki and in life.

There are no photos today because the wifi and my camera had a falling out last night, something about how the camera used another wifi network and made a good connection. They are currently not speaking to one another because of it.

Hopefully some tomorrow!


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