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There are two types of travellers in this world, ones that look and see and others that look and do. I am one of the latter which can make travelling in Europe with all of the grand old monuments and churches a little tricky.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the history of Europe, but I feel memories of experiences had in these ancient cities are far more valuable to me than a picture of a building which I may or may not be overly excited about visiting.

That is why, when in Croatia last week, I took the opportunity to squeeze in lots of look and do in between swimming, eating and napping after breakfast! What is look and do exactly? Well to me it is doing an activity, like bike riding for example, while taking in the breathtaking landscape.

So first activity of the trip was a buggy safari! Sounds exotic and like something that will get your blood pumping! However this was no off road enduro but a rather a conga line of buggies through the windy, dusty tracks of Korcula. A lovely relaxing arvo drive which gave us a small taste of island life and the chance to see some olive orchards and typical Croatian scenery.

In Dubrovnik we had a race with the other tourists on the old town walls to see who could make it off the walls first. We won. The old town wall walk was lovely but the masses of tourists in the old town in general took away some of the old world charm for me. I like my streets like I like my baths, alone.

So the next day in Dubrovnik, to escape the crowds, see some amazing scenery and go snorkelling, we hired our very own boat that came with a top skipper who offered us beers, wine and grappa at 10am, something about warming us up. We opted for the grappa which came in a sachet pouch that you tear open to drink.

We were absolutely stoked with our day on the water! We managed to be the first people of the day to snorkel some caves in the Elaphite Island group which made for an eerily beautiful experience. Swimming into the darkness and then looking out into the crystal blue entrance was magic.

We cruised around the islands, taking in the lush green forest and steep grey rock make up of the islands. Enjoying the sun on our skin and salty sea air in our hair. We had lunch on what felt like our own private island and treated like a king and queen before heading out on the water again for some more snorkelling and sun.


The next day in the Mjet National Park we kayaked on the turquoise waters of the lakes, peacefully appreciating the grandeur of the island forest that we don’t see in South Australia.

And then it was Thursday. Not any typical Thursday, but zip line Thursday. I have a terrible irrational fear when it comes to heights. I get scared in Ferris wheels, on buses that are driving across bridges or on narrow roads atop cliffs and even in tall buildings like the eureka one in Melbourne. So zip lining was going to be a challenge but something I wanted to do.

We took the bus to Omis and went through some quick training before taking a short walk further up the mountain to the first zip line out of eight. I was scared walking to the first zip line and even more scared when I saw how high the 700m line ran, up to 150m above the ground. The view was spectacular though!

So I chickened out a little and and opted to do the first line with the guide. After getting into the “spoon me” position! I screamed as I took a leap of faith off the platform and after a couple of seconds of realising how freaking amazing the feeling was, started to wahoo!

The only thing about zip lining was that at the end, I felt like I could have gone back and done the first line by myself. It was great to challenge my fears and to have done it in such a beautiful part of the world.

Our final look and do for Croatia was some water rafting along the river that we zip lined across the day before. Another chance to soak up the amazing Cetina River scenery and take on some Rapids, even if they were tame.

It was an action packed week in Croatia, from all of the activities mentioned above, to trying to stay alive in the rave cave on the island of Makarska, and I hope to return again one day. We are down to our final week away and emotions are mixed between feeling ready to go home, but not wanting the experience to be over just yet.

More on that topic to come in a couple of days.


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  1. Doreen Ward says: Reply

    Absolutely beautiful picture’s what a great place. So glad your having an amazing time, Look forward to seeing more. Love to you both xoxo

  2. Doreen Ward says: Reply

    Absolutely beautiful picture’s what a great place. So glad your having an amazing time, Look forward to seeing more. Love to you both xoxo

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