Top 5 picks for lunch in the Riverland

It’s that all important time of the day, lunchtime! But you aren’t sure where the best place is to get lunch in the Riverland. Before panic sets in and you get distressed about where you are going to find food, let me assure you, it’s not a complete disaster. There are some great places to get a quick, easy and satisfying lunch in the Riverland. Lucky for you, I’m willing to share with you my favourite places!

Food is a big deal to me and I make it my business knowing the best places the get lunch in the Riverland. Read on to find out my favourite place to get lunch in each of the major towns and keep hunger (and hangry*) at bay.

*feeling anger from being overly hungry


Located in Berri (which coincidently is where my work base is), Sprouts is my go to lunch spot during the week. I like to eat fairly healthily and don’t appreciate a big lunch that will make me feel like I am carrying a basketball around under my shirt all afternoon. Cue a Sprouts wrap. With fillings to suit anyone and the option to toast, these are perfect and also good to eat on the run.

Sprouts change their specials fairly often so there is always a new and delicious pasta, soup, stew or curry dish on the menu board. Their burgers and focaccias are yummy as well (especially with some chippies on the side) and they do some great fresh juice combinations.

Delicious coffee makes Sprouts a good all-rounder and the ladies are always friendly and smiley, another bonus just for free!

La Villa

Don’t be deceived by thinking the La Villa homeware store in Loxton is just for filling your home with statement items. It is also for filling your tummy with some delicious homemade goods! A small café operates inside the store serving up quite an extensive menu. Last time I visited I had their Vietnamese grilled chicken baguette and it was crazy delicious!

You know when a baguette is just the right balance of crunch and softness? Well this one had it along with all the fresh, sweet, spicy and savoury flavours expected with Vietnamese food. Safe to say, La Villa went straight into my ‘to eat here again’ bank.

Backyard Bread

On the Sturt Highway in Barmera, Backyard Bread is the perfect stop when you are travelling. Not only is it a great spot for a tasty light lunch, it is the cutest little rustic cafe in the Riverland. Iconic Hills Hoists, retro lounges, herb gardens and even a collection of Footrot Flats comics bring lots of charm to the popular stop.

Backyard Bread are a superior Eat Local SA location with loads of local produce. Fruit and veg, olives, condiments and preserves, Kolophon Capers and of course Backyard Bread’s own toasted breads litter the produce shelves.

*Open Friday-Monday, maybe check before visiting to avoid disappointment.

Happee Health

Tasty yet simple lunch items are on the menu at the Renmark health food and wellness store. I always order my lunch to go so I can sit on the lawns opposite the River and have a chat with the local ducks. Wraps, quiches, toasted rye sandwiches, lasagne, cold rolls and great vegetarian options are on offer. I often like to try things that are a little different and Happee Health have a selection of beverages (like kombuncha tea) that I like to try just for something new. Live on the wild side…you know.

Viewpoint Café

This roadhouse is a great all rounder, if you read a previous post about dining out in the Riverland, you would have seen it listed there as well! My friend and I used to catch up on a regular basis to make the most of Sushi Friday at Viewpoint Café, however, now I am on the road less, I don’t get to enjoy their delicious and fresh sushi as often.

This is one ‘servo’ I can get lunch from without being disappointed! With a great range of freshly made salad rolls, hot food menu and fridges stocked the best flavoured milk range ever (Nippy’s) in the fridge there is something for any taste. Just as a bonus, there is also a great view of the river and very clean comfort stop facilities should you need them!

I hope you now enjoy the prospect of lunch in the Riverland, let me know where you go!


*feeling anger from being overly hungry

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  1. very nice article and I have eaten in at La Villa. Love the place and great food. thank you

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