4 Ways to being a better Morning Person, Riverland style!

morning person

Now it could be safe to say there are two types of people in the world, morning people (MP) and non morning people (NMP). Once you label yourself one or the other, you are forever condemned to a life of never being a morning person and needing caffeine before you can adult, or you are forever blessed with being a morning person but forever annoying non morning people first thing in the morning with your cheery and somewhat loud disposition.

So which one am I?
Well I don’t believe we are exclusively one or the other. I think what we do with our morning ultimately decides the fate of whether we are a MP or NMP.

morning personI am usually one of the first to exclaim that I am not a morning person when there is an early morning start afoot or just mornings when faced with work  in general. But now that I think about it a bit deeper (while putting the clothes on the line actually, it’s where I have my most deepest of ponderings), there is a strong correlation between feeling like Sadness from Pixar’s “Inside Out” (watch it if you haven’t), having to be dragged around by Joy and whatever non exciting activity is scheduled for that morning/day.

Activities like going to work, or going to that place with no windows or sitting in an office don’t inspire me to jump out of bed, do 50 star jumps and head off singing “hi ho-hi ho, it’s off to work I go”. But when I am getting up early because someone is depending on me like hungry racers at the Waikerie Enduro who need me to help start breakfast or because I have promised my two dogs that I would take them for a walk (and we know how horrible it is to be on the receiving end of a dog with a grudge), I can pop out of bed, seize the day and feel refreshed. I think the key here is this

I am getting out of bed to do and activity that will bring me pleasure.

So maybe some of these yoga/meditation/bursting-with-gratitude modern day gypsies have got it right, how we start our day really does impact on how the rest of the day is. Well I’ll be!

morning person

So if you’re a bit of a crabby pants, trying to eat breakfast, feed animals, make lunch, make your family’s lunch, get a few loads of washing on and get something out of the freezer for dinner all in the space of 45 minutes, why not wake up a little bit earlier and squeeze some of the following in and see how you turn from non morning person to morning person! Hello cheery disposition

1. Move your body

morning personI love a gentle walk* in the morning (when I do actually roll out of bed) and how can you not enjoy it when the orange glow is hinting at a scorcher of a day but you get to feel the cool of the night leaving the land.

Maybe you crave a side of “hardcore” with your morning, why not go for a 10km run*!! It’s not for me but don’t let that stop you!

The River resembles a mirror with its morning stillness, perfect time for a paddle on a kayak* or a stand up paddle board*!morning person

Source your kayaks from Canoe the Riverland  (based in Murtho) or Canoe Adventures (based in Berri) or stand up paddle boards from Green and Gold Houseboats (Waikerie).

How about a swim* especially in the middle of summer? I admire, from a distance, people who swim a few k’s in the morning (I’m lucky to do a full lap of the pool without having to stop at either end and gasp for breath!).

Cycling* is another great and gentle way to welcome the morning- cool breeze flushing the sleep out of your eyes! I used to go riding, but after one too many arguments between caltrop and my bike tyres, I retired early. Don’t have a bike? Hire one from the Renmark Paringa Visitor Info Centre or the Waikerie Hotel Motel.

* all activities come with free, lifetime guaranteed picturesque scenery of whatever landscape your activity takes you to!!

2. Nourish yo’self

Anyone that knows me, knows how important food is to my stomach- she rules to roost- and breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the morning! Yes you read right, of the morning!

My go to breakfast is the humble ommy (omelette) – Glenview Poultry eggs, Barmera Bakery sourdough, Riverland avocado, pumpkin seeds and sometimes an Arrosto coffee.

morning person

Sometimes I mix it up and whip up a weird concoction for a smoothie and 9.9 times out of 10, they taste pretty good!

morning person

This one had Strachan family figs, Riverland avocado and apricots, a banana, some Farmer’s Own Barossa milk, peanut paste and some turmeric!

Oh and some delicious pluots (plum x apricot) from Bookpurnong Fruits via the Riverland Farmer’s Market

Or if you don’t feel like cooking, let someone else slave over a hot stove from the crack of dawn! Having breakfast out is such a luxury for me! Living a minimum of 30 minutes from any Riverland eatery means I need to have a pre breakfast snack so I don’t fall ill to the horrible ailment han·gry – a state of anger caused by a lack of food.

• Try •

Banrock Station | Kingston on Murray

Sprouts Cafe | Berri

Viewpoint Cafe | Waikerie

Renmark Club | Renmark

The Loxton Hotel | Loxton

or why not brunch at Backyard Bread | Barmera

3. Browse for Market bargains

Riverland Farmers’ Markets | 7:30- 11:30am every Saturday morning at the Berri Senior Citizens’ Hall

Waikerie Markets | 9am-1pm first Saturday of the month at the civic centre lawns

Barmera Main street Markets | 9am-1pm  designated Sunday’s throughout the year

4. Catch the sunrise

Just as amazing and inspiring as a Riverland sunset but slightly more magical because it may be quite a rare occurrence in your schedule!

Make a coffee or tea, grab a loved one (and rug up in winter) and trek down the River to hear the birds tell their stories as the sun rises on another day.

How do you be the best morning person you can be?


morning person

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  1. Miriam says: Reply

    What a great post and what a beautiful part of the world you get to wake up to. It looks so incredibly peaceful.

    1. Thanks! It is a beautiful place to wake up to! A little windy this morning on my walk but still very refreshing!

      1. Miriam says: Reply

        Nice. Enjoy. Here it’s gray and raining.

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