Opposites attract

The countdown is nearly over. On Saturday Michael and I set of for Europe trip 2.0.

Some of you may remember we disappeared to Europe last year. We may have mentioned, on our return, that we almost killed each other on certain occasions. We had fun, but it was also challenging…..just us two….all day…every day….trying to make decisions like “where shall we have lunch and not get ripped off like these other tourists?” or “what shall we do, I’m tired of all these old buildings” (we are definitely the “doing” “experience” type of travellers compared to “look and see”).

This is not a lie…..So why am I going for round two?
Well there isn’t anyone else I can order to come to Europe with me.
I want to share these experiences with him and make lasting memories.
Michael has a certain set of skills (as do I) that are handy to have when travelling.

He’s my security and voice of impulse doing/buying and I make sure he goes in the right direction when leaving buildings.
I am pretty attentive when travelling and will notice signs, stores, landscapes, people, place names and so on. It makes me a pretty good navigator. Whereas Michael walks around with his blinkers on not really noticing that huge monument that we walked past yesterday.

However Michael figured out how to use the subway system in under 5 minutes (I would have figured it out eventually). This made it easy to get around mega cities like Paris and I didn’t have to think about where we were going (underground at least). He is also far more decisive than me and helps keep me grounded when I over analyse how much this will cost or where to find the best place with the most authentic food for eating out.

Relationships of any kind are better when there are the usual ingredients, trust, communication and mutual respect. But one ingredient we don’t often consider is how our own strengths compliment the other person’s weaknesses and together, a great team is formed.

This has left me thinking that this complimenting of skills must be where that old saying comes from “opposites attract”. Two people can have different interests, skills and personalities, and also be the perfect team.

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know if my theory is correct, and if when our powers combine, we create a super travel force and balance each other on another trip of a lifetime.


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