Plan. Prepare. Pack.

When it comes to last minute packing, hours before I leave for a weekend away, I’m as indecisive as a kid in a candy shop (or just me in a candy shop actually). I umm. I ahh. I try on different outfits and send frustrated texts to friends along the lines of “I can’t decide what to wear tomorrow night, what have you packed? I hate packing!”

However, when I have had eight months lead up to a trip overseas and experience (lists) from last years holiday, my packing status is;

I got this!

I have mentally packed my case approximately ten times between booking our trip in October to when I actually packed my case last weekend.

I have visualised what items I need from my closet to create versatile outfit combinations and what to leave behind (sorry connies, you are just too uncomfortable).

And yes, I talked with friends who were also holidaying this year and stalked their Facebook to see what shoes they were wearing to help me make solid judgements on what to pack and what to leave in the dark crevices of the closet.

This year I have downsized my luggage (I think I could go carry on only next time) and am excited by the challenge of packing light.

So excited, that I test packed last weekend and this was the result


So much room for activities!

Space for souvenirs, shopping – even though I’m a terrible shopper and maybe even some small tokens of my affection for those special people in my life. You know who you are….I hope.

Some may say I am obsessed, over analytical and plain weird.

I say I have a zest for organisation, planning and getting shit done.

Tonight we board the Big Jet Plane and take a ride for a measly 13 hours to Dubai where the sweltering desert heat will be like a Riverland summers day at 5:30 in the a.m.

Only when we touch down in Madrid (Sunday) and start our adventure will my packing prowess be truly tested, however I have faith that I have nailed it.

If I don’t have it, I can always buy it


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