7 Impressive Stores for Retail Therapy in the Riverland! Part 1

I love the feeling of walking into a store and the displays are styled in a way that; 1. I wish I could make my own home or wardrobe look as stunning; 2. I wish I wasn’t such a logical shopper and could buy items even if I can’t find an immediate purpose for said item; and 3. I wish I could afford to buy everything in the store.

These are the feelings I’m guessing many women feel towards shopping. I personally enjoy having a good old browse in stores, get my glamour and retail fix and then continue on with my day. The un-rushed pleasure of looking at all the pretty items, battling head and heart as to whether I should make a purchase, is somewhat relaxing.

The Riverland, although many don’t realise, has lots of places to get some retail therapy. So many in fact that this is just part 1 of retail therapists in the Riverland! Whether you live in the region or you are travelling through, it is always the right time to have a browse and I want to share with you some stores that I enjoy wandering through.

Casa Mia

Tucked in the main street of Barmera is Casa Mia, a home and giftware store that has absolutely everything you could think of and actually need as well. I love coming here to shop for kitchen ware – seriously anything you can think of. They also have a huge range of giftware, think cushions, wall hangings, fine dining ware, candles and decorating essentials. The decision will be whether you buy and keep for yourself or gift onto that special person in your life!

casa mia
Image: Casa Mia


You will learn throughout the two series of retail therapy posts, that Loxton has somehow attracted the bulk of stores providing great retail therapy! LamiSaru is a one that I believe to be the only place to get the brands you can trust in lingerie in the Riverland. With an impressive range of shoes, the LamiSaru ladies can help you style your outfit top to bottom, underwear to outerwear!

Image: LamiSaru

Walk on Water 

A veteran of the Waikerie retail world, Walk on Water (WOW) has an ever growing range of clothing and accessories, stocking major surf brands and also fashion labels. WOW now even stocks a large range of baby wear and baby gifts, making it easier for those in the Riverland West to get some retail therapy or source gifts for expecting mums. Follow WOW on Instagram as well @walkonwater1 for beautiful visuals!

Ruby Square Boutique

When  I have a wedding or a fancy event coming up and I feel like wearing something that I haven’t already worn eight times, I head to Ruby Square in Loxton. I only have to look at their Facebook or Instagram pages to instantly feel the urge to get in store and buy one of everything! Fine jewellery, unique wardrobe pieces and cool accessories can be found here!

Image: Ruby Square

Lucca Boutique

There is something for everyone in Lucca, with a range of clothing to suit any age, event or comfort level. Found in the main street of Renmark, I went for a browse before Christmas and have noted mentally that next time I am looking for something comfortable yet classy, this should be my fist stop.

 Evolve on Terrace

With Evolve on Terrace in Loxton you get two stores for the price of one! On the corner of the main street (near the round-a-bout) you have Evolve-the homewares, gifts, clothing and café store. Two doors down you will come across another Evolve- the colourful and creative florist part of the franchise. Browsing both these fabulously colourful stores is a delight and you can even have a coffee and natural salted caramel slice break part way through to sustain your browsing levels!

evolve 1
Image: Evolve on Terrace

Yates Riverside Surf

I love going for a browse in Yates in Renmark. This mega store has everything you could possibly think of from work wear (they ordered me some cute women’s Rossi boots with leopard print detail), sportswear and racks and racks of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. All the favourite surf and street wear brands can be found in Yates and I would definitely allow yourself a good chuck of time to try on as many outfit combinations as possible!

yates 2
Image: Yates Riverside Surf

How have your experiences been when shopping in the Riverland, love anywhere in particular? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Miriam says: Reply

    Looks like you have a nice selection of shops to indulge in in the Riverland.

    1. And this was only part 1! I even surprised myself when doing the post with how many stores we do have to chose from!

  2. Miriam says: Reply

    Looks like you have a nice selection of shops to indulge in in the Riverland.

    1. And this was only part 1! I even surprised myself when doing the post with how many stores we do have to chose from!

  3. Love it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Love it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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