25 Riverland Activities You Didn’t know You Could Do!

Get off the beaten tourist track and add these 25 Riverland activities you didn’t know you could do to your list for next time you visit!

1. Arrive by boat to a Brewery or a Cellar Door

The Woolshed Brewery at Murtho and Caudo Vineyard‘s Cellar Door at Cadell are both perched on the banks of the Murray River. Each venue is famous for not only their locations, but the beverages they produce. Hire a BBQ boat, a houseboat or go on a cruise to arrive in style to these two locations!

2. Dine at a floating Thai restaurant

The Murray River Queen is a paddle steamer originally built in 1974. She used to cruise up an down the Murray River with her passengers but now she remains stationary at the Waikerie riverfront. She’s still in business though, providing accommodation, a Thai Restaurant and Regional Cellar Door onboard.

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Image credit: Murray River Queen

3. View the River from horse back

Benson Park is a 500 acre property just out of Waikerie that offers horse trail rides. Riding through Mallee bush and River flats, let the horses do the work over undulating terrain. They will take you to the best secret River viewing points.

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Image credit: Benson Park

4. Go on camping adventure but leave behind the car

The Riverland is perfect to go on a  canoe camping adventure! Canoe Adventures or Canoe the Riverland can give you insider tips on finding the perfect camping spots and the best routes to paddle along.

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Image credit: Canoe Adventures

5. Taste Belgium chocolates without leaving the country

Waikerie’s very own  sweet and rich piece of Belgium can be found at Havenhand Chocolates. Specialising in hand made chocolates using the best Riverland fruit, Havenhand is a must visit spot for chocolate lovers!

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Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC)

6. Buy direct from the grower

Weekly Farmer’s markets in Berri and fruit stalls that litter the roadsides of the Riverland, make it easy to fill up on fresh and local produce! Support Aussie farmers and taste citrus and stonefruit that you will never find a match for again!

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7. Have a drink at a haunted hotel

Built in 1859 by the Brand Brothers, The Overland Corner Hotel was an original watering hole and service point for drovers and overlanders. Full of bushranger history and possibly ghosts, the Hotel is still a popular rest stop for people travelling on the Goyder Highway.

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Image credit: Steve Kruger 4WD Aus

8. Test your driving skills and reflexes –  in a buggy!

Loveday 4×4 park is a drivers paradise! You can experience what it’s like to drive a rally car or buggy and get the blood pumping with a hot lap. A full off road racing experience! Let the Insane Motorsport crew help your rally racing dreams become a reality!

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Image credit: DB Images

9. See the Riverland version of Running with the Bulls

What a sight it would be to see 300 sheep running down the main street of your town. Well that’s what happens at the annual Running with the Sheep event in Barmera! The odd spectacle is a type of “welcoming” ceremony for the Barmera Sheep Dog Trials that attract competitors for all over Australia!

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Image credit: Adelaide Now

10. Witness pumpkins big enough to live in

Cadell Harvest Festival invites people from near and far to grow giant pumpkins, big enough to rival that of James and the Giant Peach! See pumpkins weighing up to 400kg, or why not grow and enter your own in the competition!

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Image credit: Murray River Giant Pumpkin

11. See flying Carp!

Just as bizarre at Port Lincoln’s Tuna Toss, the Riverland West Fishorama puts it’s own spin (cue pun bell) on the strange sport. Competitors battle it out to see who can toss a stinky carp the farthest!

12. Don’t lift a finger and live in luxury

Luxurious and indulgent, The Frames River view accommodation in Paringa maximises relaxation with the option for a personal chef to prepare a three course meal with premium Riverland produce. Giving you more time to soak in the pool or spa.

 13. Hunt for treasures and antiques

Get lost in time literally at Cammies Antiques in Paringa, hunting for one of a kind collectibles or ecclectic statement pieces for your home. Fellas, this is a great place to leave your Lady while you, err, inspect the watering hole across the road!

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Image credit: Cammies Antiques

14. Watch the Craziest Vehicle race on Earth!

In July each year, off road racing enthusiasts flock to Waikerie to compete in the Australia Off Road Championships Waikerie Enduro. Expect dust, some mud, high flying action from big trucks and lots of noise!

15. See the colours of sunset all day long

Headings Cliffs at Murtho (visit on the way out to the Woolshed Brewery) are the same vibrant burnt orange that you’d associate with the old saying “red sky at night, sailor’s delight!” but without the colours fading into darkness. These cliffs are an amazing sight from the lookout or from below on the River. There are some great sandbars on  the opposite bank for camping as well!

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16. Cycle through red gum forests

Very soon, in the not too distant future, a bike trail will be officially opened in the Lock 4 section of the Murray River National Park! Weaving through red gum forest, up and down small creek cuttings and along the River bank, this will be a beautifully pleasant (not too many hard hills) ride or walk. (Call 85801800 for details)

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17. Have a sandbar party

So you don’t want to come to the Murray River because you like the beach? Well let me introduce to you, the River Sandbar! These are in the most unlikely places and are sometimes hidden- like under the surface in middle of the River- or in obvious places and are in plane sight. No matter where the sandbar is, get out and enjoy your own private beach!

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18. Go back in time at Cobdogla

If you love old things that hiss and steam, Cobdogla Irrigation & Steam Museum is for you! “Big Thumper” Australia’s only working Humphrey Pump can be seen here and you can also take the kids for a ride on the Cobby Steam Train.

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Image credit: Dave Walsh

19. Get a selfie with some iconic street bins

Not usually on the list of hipsters “selfie” lists, but the bins in the main street of Waikerie are something to be seen, and to be seen with! The Riverland is well known for citurs production and Waikerie has embraced this iconic label and turned it into the town litter disposal vessels. A true cult icon for the Riverland.


20. Go for a pleasant cruise on a working paddle steamer

The PS. Industry is a piece of living history. The Industry was a work boat for the SA Engineering & Water Supply Department. During her work life, the vessel played a major role in keeping the River open for traffic by removing snags and later in the construction of locks and weirs. She still cruises on the first Sunday of each month.

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Image credit: PS Industry

21. Watch the Wildest Boat race on Earth!

In Australia there are some pretty crazy events, but did you know that winding through thin creeks, avoiding dangerous snags in a small suped up tinny was one of them? The Riverland Dingy Derby is fast growing in popularity, check out the video to see why!

22. Taste all the beverages of the Riverland

The Riverland Wine & Food Festival is an annual event (September/October) where lovers of fun times flock to the Berri Riverfront to enjoy the first taste of spring, wine, beer, food, music and a Riverfront view! You can try everything the Riverland has to offer in terms of wine, beer and cider.

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23. Weird water activities

Nothing shouts FUN! like being trapped in a giant gym ball and frantically trying to stay upright while skimming across the water! Guaranteed laughs when you go zorbing on Lake Bonney from the Bluebird Cafe in Barmera

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Image credit: ChlorineBleachh

24. Learn how lavender is distilled into lavender oil

At the Riverland’s very own lavender farm, Bella Lavender, ask Mario to tell you the story of how they began farming lavender and making beautiful lavender products. Make sure you try their amazing pizzas and have a round of mini golf too!

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Image credit: Bella Lavender

25. Try some wine varieties you haven’t before

The Riverland has a climate that Mediterranean grape varieties simply flourish in. At the rustic and charming 919 Wines cellar door at Glossop you can expect to taste wines with strange names like Touriga, Petit Manseng and Durif. Take a walk on the wild side and experience the taste of the Riverland.

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Now get out and make these 25 Riverland activities you DIDN’T know you could do, activities you have DONE in the Riverland!




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  1. Sheri Schubert says: Reply

    Hi Lauren
    Congratulations on your wonderful site which I found
    through the Waikerie off road site. Fantastic work!
    Our Riverland has lots to offer.
    Try hot air ballooning at Blanchetown.
    Best Wishes and Keep up your fantastic work.
    Regards Sheri X

    1. Riverland Unearthed says: Reply

      Hi Sheri! Thanks, glad you found it, it’s slowly getting out and about to a wider audience! The balloon on is good! I did look at it for this post but I am going to do a follow up post with more things you didn’t know you could do in the Riverland! Thanks

  2. Terril says: Reply

    Great site. Don’t forget Riverstock music festival in November, at Moorook?

    1. Riverland Unearthed says: Reply

      Thanks! I’m going to do another post with more things you didn’t know you could do! I’ll ad Riverstock to the list!

  3. Nikki Finn says: Reply

    Hey Lauren.
    Wow what a great site! Just what the Riverland needs. You are encapsulating on all levels big and small (and will continue to do so I’m sure) the Riverland in a very vast wide array off areas, events and activities of the Riverland that should satisfy the hearts off all including the Riverlanders that may have forgotten what is in our wonderful diverse region. Let’s get back in touch with the child within and explore Natures and the Riverlanders bountiful gifts with a curious mindfulness. Thankyou Riverlanders, Thankyou Lauren !!! I’m hooked.
    Nikki Finn

  4. Soraya says: Reply

    These look like so much fun and I love your photos. I would love to try those giant balls in the water.

    1. Riverland Unearthed says: Reply

      I haven’t tried those yet, but they are on my list!

  5. OH MY! I have been wanting to go to SA for so long but haven’t been able to convince hubby to make the trip from QLD. I think your list may just help in making our trip happen, so much to do! Thank you!

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      Oh I hope you can convince him! SA is a great place for a holiday!

  6. Jamie says: Reply

    I wish to visit there someday!! This looks so amazing!

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      I hope you can someday too! It is a fantastic region to visit, lots of different things to see and do!

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