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When I cast my mind back to some of the first times I visited Caudo Vineyard, I remember being completely captured. In awe of how a little green shed came to be one of the most iconic  and popular cellar doors in the Riverland.

Perched on the banks of Hogwash Bend, Caudo Vineyard’s cellar door capitalises on natural assets enabling you to experience what life is like, living right on the edge of the mighty Murray River.

most iconic Cellar Door

It’s a special feeling, almost a present from a place just for you, one that makes you feel like you are getting a great big “You’re amazing!” hug. It’s a feeling where you know for sure that this is right where you need to be at this point of time.

I want you to close your eyes (but keep reading of course) and imagine the sun beaming down on you while you drink in the incredible view of the river. The bend giving you unobstructed views up and down stream. There are families relaxing on picnic blankets, friends toasting to good health and the smell of summer and oranges all around.

Caudo Vineyard is famous for their Sangria, the recipe adapted to reflect a Riverland summer and the lifestyle embodied through living in one of the most amazing places in the world. The hardest decision you will make on a visit to the cellar door is whether to try the red- with hints of butterscotch and orange, or the white- tropical pineapple and rum tantalising the taste buds.

Me…I like the red but the white mixed with ginger beer is so refreshing!

I have lost count of the many hours spent at Caudo Vineyard’s cellar door. From lying on the lawn sipping sangria, strumming tunes for sangria sippers and working there for fun over summer. It is a place that feels like home and not just because I can spend 4 weekends in a row there.

It’s because nothing compares to the atmosphere that the river scenery naturally creates. You cannot help but feel utterly blessed to be alive. Add in a few sangrias and you can’t help but feel utterly happy. As we all know, no good story started with “So I was eating a salad at Caudo’s…”

I remember when the cellar door first opened, and sangria was a homemade mix. Now sangria comes in a keg, small bottles, large bottles and there is even a Sangria van that can bring the tasty nectar to a festival near you! It’s amazing to hear the love for Sangria at the Adelaide Cellar Door Festival and to see the surprise on people’s faces when you tell them that they can visit the home of sangria and experience the river all at once!

I enjoy Caudo Vineyard’s cellar door because there are not many places like it in the Riverland. A handful of venues are right on the banks of the Murray and I personally would love to see more places where people can experience the river and the best Riverland produce.

Being on the banks of the Murray also means that if you are lucky enough to own a boat, or befriend boat owners,  you get the deluxe package experience. Cruise from where ever you are and then pull up to the cellar door by boat. It’s will make you feel like royalty and you get to experience the River from  many perspectives!

cmost iconic Cellar Door

Even if you’re a bit of a health nut and you don’t think Caudo’s is the place for you, think again! Each year there is a crazy military obstacle course- True Grit- where you can have a laugh with mates while burning energy and getting muddy! Throughout the year there a range of events from wake boarding demos to live music, something for everyone.

Although Caudo’s is currently closed for renovations, I cannot wait to see the new improved and bigger cellar door unveiled in September. I hope you get to experience the most iconic cellar door in the Riverland, it really is a place you must visit when in the region.

I’d love to hear your favourite stories from visiting Riverland’s most iconic cellar door, share them below!



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