What is Riverland Unearthed?

Riverland Unearthed

I live in a region of South Australia that has spiritedly been labelled the fruit bowl of SA and is playfully known for the  invention of the goon sack. Above all, it’s known for the Great Murray River, carving her way through the towns and lives of the people and environment who depend on her for existence.

Off course I am referring to,

The Riverland

It is a destination that doesn’t receive enough credit in my opinion. It has a huge variety of FRESH and LOCAL produce, enough to challenge the Adelaide Central Markets. All around you is scenery equal to the Flinders Ranges (just little bit flatter) and adrenaline activities that leave you as breathless as surfing off the coast of the Eyre Peninsula.

It is my intention for this space of the webisphere, Riverland Unearthed, to act as guide for visitors but on a local level. A place where I can share with you what I love about the Riverland and hope that it encourages you, whether you are a visitor or a local, to get out and unearth a corner of the Riverland you haven’t yet dug up.

I want to share with you some local tips and tricks, like always carrying cash on you for when that fruit stall jumps out 200m in front of you, so you can buy the juiciest peaches.

I want to share my recommendations for staying and playing in our region and yes it may involve driving distances more than 30km to get from one destination to the next. That’s just how it is here, don’t blame me, blame the settlers who wanted to keep their horses in shape by riding long distances.

There are many local treasures and I know they can make your time in the Riverland ah-mazing. I’m talking about where to find local spots for farm fresh produce, spectacular selfie scenery photo points and ways to spend your days on the River. Because after all, the River is at the top of the list on WHY you need to visit the Riverland.

I also hope to make you smile while you reach out and embrace life and follow your heart where ever you go.



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