The Essential Roadworks Survival Guide


There are a few roadworks going on around the Riverland at the moment. You know the kind where the 80km/hr signs are out, but there is nothing really obstructing the road? Or what about the kind where the 40km/hr signs are out and there is no evidence of any actual work occurring?!

Now I know that these speed restrictions are in place to keep everyone safe, I for one know it’s not pleasant to be standing on the side of the road while cars and trucks zoom past at 110km/hr. But is it really necessary to have such a long stretch of road marked down to 80km/hr with absolutely nothing happening, no one working on site and nothing making the conditions unsafe day in and day out?

Yes, I know that eventually there will be something happening that warrants the speed reduction, but why can’t they change the speed when it’s actually happening?

Luckily this morning I came up with this survival guide to help you through your daily commute through the “roadworks” affected areas.

roadworks1. Make sure you have some music playing…really loudly

Music is so therapeutic, especially when the stereo is cranked to 25 (whatever that number means). As you drive past the roadworkers (if they are present) they wont sense your frustration but think you are having a party on your daily commute.


2. If music isn’t your cup of tea (who are you?) maybe grace your ears with a podcast 

Can I suggest a podcast that might be of the relaxing nature…now cast your mind away from the source of frustration, only focus on what you can change, not what you cant…or maybe something interesting, informative or inspirational. Something to really cast your mind somewhere other than focusing on trying to not be late to work.

roadworks3. Car pool and have a travel buddy

I tend to be in a more relaxed state when I am sharing the drive with someone else. I don’t worry about being 2 minutes late (because as if I could ever be later than 3 minutes) and if there is a build up of traffic, I don’t mind. Just means I get to spend more quality time with my passenger/driver.

roadworks4. If all else fails…do this

Sometimes frustration cannot be reasoned with or escaped from and if the above tips for surviving “roadworks” fail, then this may be the best way for you to deal with the situation. Release the tension, anxiety and frustration by gesturing to the speed signs, in an Italian manner (hands in the air and waved all around) and insert the following text – by all means feel free to individualise the following phrase…

“What the bloody sheep dip?! There is absolutely nothing happening here!! Why are you telling me to go 80km/hr?! I can drive perfectly fine in between the white lines and nothing is happening in between those lines I need to stay within so why so slow!! GOSH!!! (yes all those exclamation marks are warranted)!!!!!

Happy daily commuting. Just remember that “roadworks” are one of life’s a temporary inconveniences. Just like a windy day, they will be over soon.

Remember to stay safe on the road and only employ survival tip #4 if there is no one else in the car…and your windows are fully up.


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  1. Scott says: Reply

    this is really funny are staring to sound like me.

    1. Riverland Unearthed says: Reply

      Ha ha! Glad someone liked it! I did think of you when I wrote it!

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