9 Inadvertently Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

I am not an overly romantic person. It is probably something to do with being a bit of a “Tom Boy” and my stubborn- I won’t buy into the over commercialisation of love– approach to Valentine’s Day.

Despite this, my heart does melt when I receive beautiful bunches of flowers (even more so when a date hasn’t dictated when I should be the recipient of such amazing blooms). Subtle, “out of the blue” gestures from the heart brings out the little girl in me who dreams of Prince Charming and Happily Ever Afters.

So if you aren’t enjoying having romance shoved down your throat in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, here are a few inadvertently romantic date ideas that you can do in the Riverland without being too cliché!

1. Go fishingIMG_2787

Doesn’t sound romantic to start with right? But once you pack a picnic (and possibly bubbles), spend a few hours wetting a line, it will probably be sundown- a rather romantic time of day.

2. Go bowling

A bit friendly competition between partners can fuel a some playful banter, if you aren’t too competitive of course.

3. Go out for Brunch

Beat the loved up couples having lunch dates and save yourself from having the ambience spoiled with excessive amounts of couple selfies.

4. Kayak on the River’s backwaters 

Once again capitalising on that “accidentally romantic” sunset or sunrise setting.

5. Go thrift shopping

Explore second hand and antique stores and uncover rustic pieces for your home. Home decorating (or nesting) could bring your together in a creative sense.

6. Go on a Double date 

I love my partner, but I also love the time we spend with our great mates. The more the merrier, go on a double date and you immediately double the conversational topics on the table.

7. Cook a meal together

Make it interesting by only using the ingredients in your pantry or only using local produce. Head to the markets to pick 5 base ingredients and have yourself a Master Chef afternoon in the kitchen.

8. Give an alternative bouquet


Image: Endlessly Enraptured

Instead of flowers, why not give a bunch of grapes, a basket of figs or a mix of small bits and pieces that you know your significant other will enjoy. If you want to stick with bouquets of flowers, why not pick out their weirdest, but also stunning looking bloom.

9. Go to the movies

Or snuggle up for a movie at home *cue popcorn* Give the Rom Com a miss and pick a thriller, nothing says “I Love You” like a ghost who will forever haunt their loved ones. Scary movies actually make it easier to snuggle into your movie watching parter as well!

How are you planning to spend this Valentine’s Day or any other especially loved up day of the year?



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  1. Miriam says: Reply

    Nice ideas Lauren. My other half’s actually going to be away on Valentines Day (business weekend in Cairns) but even if he was home we probably wouldn’t do too much. Maybe a movie and pizza and a back rub!

    1. I think that it’s the small things that mean the most to us. In winter I love a movie, a roaring fire and a big glass of red wine! Always love flowers, but my partner hates how they always die-he has learnt that lilies are the most cost effective bloom!

      1. Miriam says: Reply

        Agree, it’s the small things. I like your idea of a perfect winter night in … sounds exactly like mine!

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