Get high in the Riverland with scenic flights and aerial experiences

If there is one thing I recommend you do when you travel to a new place, it is to find a lookout and get up high. Go one better in the Riverland with scenic flights and aerial experiences taking you to soaring heights for that “photo-of-the-day” view.

Read on to find out how you can fly a plane (under instruction) and soar like an eagle in a glider, all in the Riverland!

When I was in Croatia last year I battled my fear of heights and went zip lining across a valley that was 700m long and 150m high! Although I shook with absolute unease and squealed like a little pig about to have her house blown down, it was one of the most memorable moments of my holiday. Challenging my fear enabled to me to see some of the most stunning scenery, just from a bit higher than expected.

Although it might scare me, one of the first things I look for (besides foodie experiences) when travelling are those activities that give me a great view of where I am. It helps me gain a greater perspective of the destination I’m visiting and it is very humbling to see how vast the landscape or city you are visiting really it.

With the below scenic flights and aerial experiences on offer in the Riverland, it will be easy to get an amazing perspective of the meandering Murray River and the ever changing landscape. Add these to your Riverland bucket list!

Waikerie Air Experience Flights

Scenic flights over the Riverland, Waikerie to be specific, can be taken from the Waikerie Gliding Club. A weekend operation run entirely by volunteers, scenic flights in a two seated glider are available fortnightly on Saturdays. Gift vouchers, valid for up to twelve months, are great gifts for those who might need a bit of a thrill!

Cost: $150

Flight time: 20 minutes (dependent on weather)

Best time to soar: Spring and Autumn

This event calendar has the upcoming scenic flight dates until the end of August 2016. Pop over this page for contact details for Club members who can help you with any enquiries you may have.

Trial Instructional Flights

Riverland Flight Training offer flight training under Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus). You can have a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) and if you like the feel of being in control of a flying object, you can continue on to do your pilots license. During your TIF you will take hold of the controls and under verbal direction get the chance to fly the plane!

TIF’s are a great way for anyone that is interested in pursuing a pilots license to experience it before taking the plunge into a full blown course. You will also get to see the Riverland from up above, in between taking the reins!  

Aircraft: Jabiru J170

Cost: $90

Flight time: 30 minutes (dependent on weather)

Best time to be a pilot: Daylight hours, 7 day a week

Give Tim & Sue a call on 8582 2799 to arrange the best time to go up for a fly, website coming soon!

Barossa Balloon Adventures

Barossa Balloon Adventures don’t always take their big colourful hot air balloons over the Murray River, but when the weather is not suited for a flight through the Barossa, Plan B comes into action and the balloons head for the Murray River.

Balloon flights are early morning, which means you will experience glass calm scenery and possibly some eery looking river mist.

Although the Murray River flight isn’t a standard package for the ballooning company, with a group of 6 or more passengers you can request a Murray River morning flight- weather dependent of course. So why not convince 5 mates that this would be a great experience and well worth the early morning start!

Cost: Please enquire with Barossa Balloon Adventures

Time required: 5 hours

Tip: wear your thermal, it will be chilly, and take your camera, the photo opportunities at this time of the day are incredible!

SA Skydiving

Based at Langhorne Creek, SA Skydiving don’t want anyone to miss out on the thrill of free falling from a plane some 13,000ft in the air! Visiting Renmark a couple of times per year, if you are seeking a true thrill with the added bonus of some amazing scenery, then this is for you (but not for me!).

The best way to find out when these high flying dare devils are planning to come to Renmark is to like their Facebook page as this is where they will announce their next visit.

Cost: from $380- $570 (prices may differ for Renmark jumps)

Heights: 9,000 ft to 14,000ft

Free fall: up to ONE MINUTE

Thrill level:  you are absolutely out of your freaking mind! But go you!

You’re all set, enjoy these scenic flights and aerial experiences and make sure you share your aerial photos!


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