Spanish Spree

The last few days have been a bit of a whirl wind. Actually the whole trip so far has been, Contiki is definitely living up to their fast paced name. But I wouldn’t change any of the experiences we have had so far.

We have just returned to the Spanish mainland after two nights in the infamous clubbing island, Ibiza. After two plane flights from Barcelona we touched down in the party capital and I’m sure all of our livers shuddered at the thought of what was to come.  

Strangely enough though, I have avoided the typical Lauren hangover and don’t think I let my hair down nearly as much as I can do at home. I thinks it’s due to the combination of being in a foreign city, wanting to be able to partake in activities the next day and the outrageously overpriced drinks in clubs (10 euros for beer and 19 euros for red bull and vodka!) and entry fees.

One of the most interesting things about travelling is seeing how different the local customs and habits are to those at home. Spanish time is so bizzare to us. They wake up late, eat dinner late and party late (or early) into the morning.

In Ibiza we were able to do some fist pumping and booty shaking to David Guetta  and go out for a hamburger (not the McDonald’s kind either) at midnight and then be in bed by 1am!

All through the trip we have dinner around 8:30pm and then we will all meet at 11pm to start partying! Usually by that time I have a serious case of bed eye, but the mix of sangria and Jaegermeister has kept me going.

We are on the home straight with our Spanish Spree, with three days to go. It has been amazing to spend so much time in one country and see how the landscape and cities change.

We have been inside a church that was within a mountain at the Valley of the Fallen in Madrid, stood on top of the world in Bilbao, visited Jesus in San Sebastain, walked the path of running with the bulls in Pamploma, walked the laneways of El Born in Barcelona, made it through Ibiza alive and had a free lunch and got very weirdly sunburnt in Granada (story to come).

I’ve made some new friends and had so many laughs, the last two weeks have been amazing and hopefully a good sign of things to come for the remainder of our Europe 2.0 tour!

My camera is still not talking to the wifi, hopefully tonight I can mediate some discussion between then and get some pictures to go with these words.


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