Super Simple and Fancy Pork Salad with Apple and Haloumi

After something tasty, quick and healthy for dinner? Look no further than my Super Simple and Fancy Pork Salad with Apple and Haloumi! It’s dude approved and will raise the bar on salads for ever! 

I am constantly plagued at the end of the day by the “what to have for dinner” dilemma. Being the one in the relationship who isn’t keen on eating the same meat, salad and carbs each night, I try to come up with something tasty, quick and healthy- oh and dude approved too.

I really love a good salad, but not a salad where everything from the fridge is thrown in and some dressing is drizzled over the top. I enjoy salads that are a little fancy, have some crunch and might have a weird combination of ingredients (like pea, asparagus and roast tomato). I’m talking about a salad that makes you want to eat it again the next day and gives you that much needed variety on your plate!

Cue my Super Simple and Fancy Pork Salad with Apple and Haloumi! This is my go to salad when I want to eat healthy, but have something really tasty. The beauty of this salad is that you can switch out the pork for chicken, the apple for sun-dried tomatoes and add anything else your heart desires like pine nuts or fennel! Basically, start with the baby spinach and make any salad combination with what you have on hand.

super simple and fancy pork

All of the fresh ingredients can be sourced from roadside stalls, Sunfresh in Renmark, Riverland Fresh, the Riverland Farmer’s Markets or out of friends gardens.

If you are passing by Illalangi, the Barossa Cheese Company Haloumi is to die for (someone needs to start making cheese here in the Riverland). Otherwise, any other haloumi from the supermarkets will do just as well, except the haloumi with the yellow packaging.

Pork from your local butcher may not have been grown locally, but it is supporting a local butcher, which I think are so valuable to have in our towns.

It’s becoming simpler to source local produce so try and see if you can get all these ingredients locally.

\\ What you need

2 pork fillets

Juice of half a lemon

1 teaspoon of all spice

Salt & pepper

½ block of haloumi cheese, sliced

1 royal gala apple, cored and sliced

½ packet of baby spinach

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes, slightly roasted whole

½ pumpkin, cubed and roasted

½ red onion finely diced

2 large potatoes, cubed and roasted

Italian herbs

\\ What to do

:: First things first, cut the pumpkin into small cubes, throw into a large roasting pan, assault (salt) it and pour some oil over. Mix up with your hands and pop in the oven on really high heat (200C) for around 40 mins. I like my pumpkin almost caramel brown around the edges. But cook to your liking.

:: Pop your cherry tomatoes on a tray by themselves and oil and salt. Roast until they look like they are beginning to sag or slightly split then take them out (around 10 minutes).

:: Meanwhile combine the pork fillets, lemon juice, all spice, salt & pepper and let sit.

:: Peel and cut your potato into chunks/cubes (normal roasting size)- save the peel, oil and salt the skins, and pop it on a tray in the oven. The skins will crisp up nicely!

:: Oil, salt and Italian herb your cubed potatoes in a bowl. Now, I pre par cook my potatoes in the microwave for around 4 minutes. This speeds up the roasting time and I know that my spuds are going to crunchy brown, not pale and rock hard by the time I need to serve. If you want to roast them, pop them in the oven at the same time of the pumpkin.

:: Heat up the BBQ grill for the cooking of the pork. They should only take around 15-20 minutes, I like to use a meat thermometer, but if you don’t have one, just cut after 15 minutes to see if it’s cooked to your liking.

:: Once the pork is on the grill, in a large bowl throw your baby spinach and diced red onion together.

:: Heat a smaller pan on the cook top and toss the sliced apple into it. After around 2 minutes you can chuck the haloumi in as well.

:: Once juices collect on the bottom and the apple cooks ever so slightly, take the apple out of the pan and let the haloumi go golden brown on both sides.

:: Toss the pumpkin, tomatoes and apple through the spinach. Take your pork off the grill and slice.

:: Heap a big spoonful of salad onto your plate and place the pork on top, to the side or wherever you want.

:: Let the haloumi fall over the mountain of yumminess.

:: Grab your roast potatoes with some tongs and place a few on the plate.

:: You can drizzle some more lemon juice over the final combination of products, but if you forget because you want to dig in, then don’t worry!

This recipe serves 2 (well one chick and one dude who eats enough for two) and make extra so there are some leftovers for the next days lunch as well.

Enjoy and let me know how your Super Simple and Fancy Pork Salad with Apple and Haloumi or your variations go at home!


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