Surprise lunch 

Last night we went of a food tour in Prague and had some pretty good tucker! I can’t remember all the names of the dishes but who needs words when you have pictures right! 

Afternoon snack, I wish I had taken a picture of the afternoon dessert snack! I definitely underestimated how good it tasted based on it’s appearance. Maybe google “Laskonky”, a coconut meringue sandwich with a thick – more amazing than nutella –  coffee/dark chocolate goodness filling!


Rabbit yum something or rather

Cheese and wine

Beef tartar

Ham and horseradish

Peach sours

Feeling like Czech food connoisseurs, we decided to try some more beer snacks the next day for lunch.

We ordered the homemade brawn, sausage and greaves spread. Not really knowing what they were but hoping for the best.

Shortly area ordering, I hear a rather devilishly chuckle from Michael and he says

You don’t want to know what we just ordered

Not something you want to hear when ordering from a foreign restaurant.

He didn’t tell me what was in what we ordered, which probably made it a bit harder for me to eat the beer snacks.

And then they came out.

Homemade brawn 

Greaves spread

Sausage talian

They didn’t look too bad, so I went forth and tasted the unknown delights before me. The greaves was my favourite, not really liking the texture of the brawn or the sausage.

Then all was revealed!

Brawn is a terrine or meat jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig. The parts of the head used vary, but the brain, eyes, and ears are usually removed. The tongue, and sometimes the feet and heart, may be included. It can also be made from quality trimmings from pork

„Talian“ sausage is an un-smoked – but cooked – sausage. The sausage is very fine, made of both pork and beef meat with combination of spices.

Greaves is an edible by-product of the rendering process, basically pork and lard!

We ate it, and didn’t die, and now feel like we have experienced a good chunk of Czech cuisine. Last night for tea we even had pork knee which was delicious!

Wonder what delights we will sample today!


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