How to use Instagram to plan your next Holiday

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You know that online photo sharing platform that promotes endless #selfies and #foodporn? Well did you know it can also be used for something far more exciting and real? You can use Instagram to plan your next Holiday! Yes, despite popular belief, Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing all the things you are doing in you #activewear besides going to the gym.

Use it thoughtfully and Instagram can be used to plan your next holiday, weekend away or dinner date.  I want to share with you some tips that I think will planning your next Riverland weekend a breeze!

Why use an online photo sharing platform over a trusted guidebook?

Well, for one, I don’t think the Lonely Planet has released a guidebook on the Riverland (I heard that it is planned for release in 2031). There are other tourist information guides which are a great starting point for planning your #Rivertime but I love good old fashioned word of mouth and friend recommendations.

I find there is nothing more inspiring than seeing real photos of destinations or talking with someone about experiences. The more you focus on one destination, the more you will be inspired to visit.

The other pro with looking through pictures on Instagram is that the photographer’s caption that accompanies the picture will give you insight into what they have seen an experienced. So you will gain a “word of mouth” recommendation for you itinerary planning.

How do you find these travel inspo photos?

Once you have your destination in mind – Riverland – you can use the unmatchable magic of the hashtag, that is this little symbol here # for those of you that might not be as up with the tech lingo.

Somehow (and I could probably google this but I want to give you my raw understanding) any word that you put the # before, will enable the post/photo associated with the hashtagged word to be tagged/compiled in a global online library for that hashtag. MINDBLOWN!

Ok that might not make any sense to you so maybe google it if you want to know more about the powers of the hashtag!

Basically anything you hastag, it could be #myriverland #murrayriver #myofficeisbetterthanyours, will be kept somewhere on the internet with any one else who has hashtagged the same phrase. This makes it super easy for you to search and see what else has been “categorised” under a hashtag you’re interested in such as #rivertime #murrayriver #wakeboarding.


By using the power of the hashtag, you can quickly find photos that are related to what you would like to know more about. You might really love Kelpies and want to waste some time- type #kelpie into the Instagram search and sit back and let the puppy pics flow.

When trying to do something a bit more useful and figure out what you might like to do in the Riverland, it would be handy to start by typing the names of towns into the search bar (not case sensitive either). Any pics that have been tagged with a town name will show up in the results.

#Renmark #Paringa #Berri #Loxton #Monash #Barmera #Overlandcorner #Waikerie #Morgan #Blanchetown #Murtho #KingstononMurray #Moorook #Cadell

Yep, it’s that simple. Start with the town you are interested in visiting and see what pictures come up. From here you might find a photo of a delicious looking coffee and the caption will tell you where it’s from and you can add that to your list of places to investigate when in the region.

But wait there’s more!

Many people when they post a photo on Instagram now, will include a geotag- a location or place name- this geotag is also super helpful because once you find a photo of  a place you just have to visit, you can click on the place name and then see all the other wonderful photos that have been uploaded with the same geotag!

This can be used for any location that has had a geotag created for it, you can create your own too!

use Instagram to plan your next Holiday

Get stalking

There are some key Instagram accounts to follow for #Rivspiration (see what I did there, combined river and inspiration!) including mine, @Riverland_Unearthed and @DestinationRiverland- our peak tourism body for the region. But if you would like some more accounts to stalk- I mean follow here are some that I love below and that will help you use Instagram to plan your next Holiday.

Illalangi :: @illalangigourmetfoods | based in Waikerie, this little shop on the Sturt Highway is your inspiration for eating local, living local and shopping local.

Both Barrels Imagery :: @bothbarrelsimagery | Do yourself a favour and just go look at their account. Life on the River is captured perfectly, a great source of #Rivspiration!

Ruby Square Boutique :: @_rubysqaure | a Loxton based boutique clothing store with an Instagram feed that will make you want to run in and get the perfect outfit for any occasion!

Canoe Adventures :: @canoeadventureriverland | Daily “brag board” of how stunning the Murray and backwaters are, anytime of the day!

Caudo Vineyard :: @caudovineyard | #sangrialife keep up to date with the antics at the home of Sangria and feast your eyes over images that will put Caudo’s on your itinerary!

Buzz Beauty :: @buzzbeauty | see the colourful handmade, natural and cruelty free beauty products created in Waikerie!

Riverland Dinghy Derby :: @dinghyderby | Want some more adrenalin action, follow on of the Riverland’s most unique races!

Little Vintage Bar & Van :: @littlevintagebarandvan | A little van out of Ramco has taken the wedding world by storm! The cutest addition to any event, watch Miss Fisher’s adventures on this account.

Mishes Kitchen :: @mishes_kitchen | Want some #foodporn? Look no further than Mishes Instagram account which is filled daily with the delicious creations coming out of her kitchen! Hopefully one day we will be able to sample her dishes in the Riverland, outside of her kitchen!

RiverGum Cruises :: @rivergumcruises | Their Instagram feed highlights the sights you soak in while on one of their cruises, a great way to experience the River if you don’t have your own boat.

Barossa Balloon Adventures :: @barossa_balloon_adventures | Although technically a Barossa based company, when the weather is right, their scenic hot air balloon tours will take you over the Murray River and you will get to see how amazing the River is from different angle!

Be a virtual tour guide for others

Don’t forget to share your holiday photos and use the power of the hastag to share your photos with the world. Popular tags for the Riverland include #myriverland #riverland #rivertime #murrayriver #murrayriverlife

Save your inspiration

Don’t forget to either write down the information you find from an endless supply of beautiful imagery, or take screenshots and save it in an album on your phone (Rivertime). Instagram does keep track of all the photos you have liked, but it can be very time consuming trying to find relevant photos amongst the million photos of dogs you have liked.

You’re now ready to use Instagram to plan your next Holiday! Let me know how you go below!


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