What is Riverland Unearthed?

Well…it’s pretty much the adventures of me as I live, work and play in the Riverland. It’s a region that is playfully known for the  invention of the goon sack and is not so well known for being one of the largest producers of wine grapes in Australia (yep there is probably Riverland grapes in that bottle of red you are drinking and you don’t even know it!).

Above all, it’s known for the Mighty Murray River, carving her way through the landscape and the communities who depend on her for existence.

The Riverland is destination that I believe is full of potential. Potential for innovation in the agricultural sector and the tourism sector. You know that great big river, well I’ve thought of at least 10 businesses that we need here that no one has established yet!

It is my intention for Riverland Unearthed to share the beauty of the region, the events you shouldn’t miss and the things you most definitely should do when you are here.

All opinions are my own, 100% authentic and can only be bought with food or wine….or both….Jokes, you can’t buy my opinion, but you can earn it.

Ready to explore the Riverland? I’ve highlighted 25 activities you didn’t know you could do in the Riverland to help you get started!


About Riverland Unearthed